Why no data scientists or machine learning engineers ever recommend UpGrad

Examples of UpGrad’s Innovative Ads
Innovative Ads by UpGrad
Meaning for ‘All that glitters is not gold’
Elon Musk says people still don’t need degrees to work at his companies

Don’t rush for certifications or degrees. All that matters is your knowledge, skills, experience you have gain from the projects that you have worked on. No Data Scientist or Deep Learning/Machine Learning Expert or Engineer ever recommended UpGrad, or even Bits Pilani.

In just 10% of the price or even 5% of the price of UpGrad Certificate you can become an expert in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science with a faster pace and in a better way too.

The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills
The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills — https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/31/the-future-of-work-wont-be-about-degrees-it-will-be-about-skills.html
  1. Youtube — quality machine learning videos you can find here like StatQuest with Josh Starmer, Krish Naik, Sentdex, CS50, Data School and Machine Learning University (there are even more..)
  2. DataCamp
  3. edX.org

Why I do not recommend UpGrad?

  1. The platform CRASHES a lot — almost every week.
  2. No proper support.
  3. The 1–1 mentorship call doesn't add any value, rather it kills time.
  4. The course content, the assignments are no longer valuable, or is loosing its value (and they are not updating!) — the contents are from 2015 and they made videos in 2017 — few of the libraries are gonna be deprecated in few months — also they haven't used the production libraries in the courses. They used only the “easy to use” libraries to get away with the course. But in reality the libraries are not for any production use. The assignments which we do are mostly basic.
  5. DEADLINES — we need to watch 40 hours video every week + solve graded problems. We as a working professionals find it difficult to cope up with this pace. the professors/lecturers in the recorded video are another headache! They copied everything from the courses available in coursera — still they couldn't get there, UpGrad’s courses are still not better than Coursera.
  6. Another time killer: the live web sessions are almost same as the recorded sessions. 400+ students join it and most of the questions remains unanswered. The speaker keeps on speaking endlessly.
  7. That’s way too expensive, not at all worth 10% of the money. Certificate might have some value now — BUT won’t be of any value later. If you enrolling yourself for learning — this might not be the best for you! Try Udemy, Coursera, edX, datacamp and more.
UpGrad: “This is Business”
UpGrad: “This is Business”
Be consistent in your learning!
Be consistent in your learning!

Wishing you a Happy Learning!

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